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Do You Want the Keys to the Good Life?

We all know that there is something amazing inside of you just bursting to come out.

You have a lot of potential.

You are smart.

You work hard.

and yet you KNOW there is more to life.

You aren't someone who SETTLES.

At TEAM ARN we RISE UP and live amazing lives full of love, happiness, and Impact.

Good enough is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

We will NEVER be okay with OKAY.

We only have a short time on this planet and we intend to make the most of it.

So What is the GOOD LIFE?

The good life will look different for you than it will for anyone else and yet.....

There are several underlying keys to living the good life for anyone.

1. Love

You can't reach your full potential and be fulfilled without love.

No person is an isolated island.

In fact, we make sense of our lives through our relationships.

If you want to live the good life it's crucial you experience:

  • Romantic love - A long term intimate relationship full of love AND desire.
  • The love of uplifting and supportive friendships 
  • The love of family
  • self-love

2. Happiness & Contentment

No matter how much you achieve or accomplish in your life, feeling happy is a key to the good life.

Experiencing true lasting happiness and contentment is a result of a number of crucial factors.

You can learn to be content in your life no matter what your situation is right now.

We aren't talking about becoming a delusional positive Pollyanna either.  

We are talking about feeling true contentment and happiness as a result of being grounded and having the courage to live an authentic life to who you really are.

3. Impact

The impact you have in your life is a key ingredient to living the good life.  

Being able to have an influential impact is about your

  • purpose in life
  • influence over others
  • wealth
  • career
  • contributions to others
  • power in life
  • peak performance
  • productivity
  • success as it is defined by you

Keys to the Good Life is Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn's Monthly Training Program

In KEYS TO THE GOOD LIFE, you will learn the crucial habits, mindsets, and actions that are key to living the life you want.

It's your opportunity to join TEAM ARN and join a group of amazing high status, high achieving and happy people.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn will train you every month on a live training.  Don't worry If you can't make it live because you'll get the recordings in your own private member's area.

We focus on helping you get everything you want in life.  We develop your skills in LOVE, HAPPINESS and IMPACT.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn are the LEADERS of TEAM ARN.  

They are experts in Psychology, Relationships, Communication, and Transformation.

They've helped thousands of men and women find love, experience happiness, succeed in business and take their impact to a whole new level.

Each month Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael will personally train you live in developing one or many of these key skills to living the good life full of love, happiness and impact:

1. Creating an Unbeatable Mindset

To live an extraordinary life, it's vital that you create and condition an unbeatable mindset. Your emotions are the fuel to your life. 

The challenge you are facing now is that you are continually bombarded with stressors and adversities.   You are also being seduced to chase happiness spikes by society and your own biological wiring.  Chasing happiness spikes does not lead to contentment and fulfillment. To be content, you must do things very differently than what most other people do and what society tells you to do.

You will learn to live from an unbeatable mindset daily, your emotional fuel will supercharge every area of your life. 

Anxiety, stress or fear will not take control of your life and prevent you from contentment any longer.

You will experience more energy, vibrancy and resilience than you ever thought possible.  It will also be major reason you will weather the seasons of life (the ups and downs) and come out on the other side a better person and in a better position.


Stepping up in your own life is hard.  Life and the people around you will do everything possible to get you to live an average life.

In Keys to the Good Life we will keep you focused and motivated to take the actions necessary to live the life you want.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation exercises will help to calm your mind and make great choices  moment to moment.

We will teach you how to train your mind and body to work in complete harmony so that you can reach your peak potential and feel at peace in your life.


Every moment we are making judgements about the status of people.

Is this person high status, neutral status or low status?

We do it unconsciously.

Research shows that all animals do this and that all us animals are biologically wired to do this.

The process of making these status judgements enables us to know if we are safe with someone, if we can trust them, if we should spend time with them, if we should get to know them.

This process is vital to ensuring survival and replication – the two needs we are all hardwired for.


The best thing we can do, is to live a high status life.

This has nothing to do with buying Ferraris, big houses or expensive handbags.

Those are call not what researchers call honest signals of status.

You can fake those things.

You can’t fake honest high status signals.

You need to be genuinely living a high status life and know how to communicate that to people.

It is about...

  • how you carry yourself.
  • How you sound when you talk.
  • Your body language.
  • Your attitude in the moment.
  • Your mindset.
  • Your purpose in life.
  • Your energy.

When you learn to communicate and live out these honest high status signals it opens all sorts of doors for you because guess what…

We want to date and be in a relationship with someone who is high status.

We are attracted to a high status person.

We want to do business with a high status person.

We want to be friends with a high status person.

High status people have natural influence over their children, family members, co-workers, and social circle.

Everything in your life is influenced by your status.

What you Get in Keys to the Good Life

Join Keys to the Good Life Monthly and you'll receive...

  1. Live Monthly Training with Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn
  2. Access to the Member's only training area.
  3. A Monthly Motivation
  4. A Monthly Mindfulness and Meditation exercise
  5. Access to our exclusive Key to the Good Life private facebook group

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Each month you will receive the GOODS that will positively impact every area of your life.

Anytime you want to cancel or stop Keys to the Good Life you simply let us know or cancel by clicking one simple button with no questions asked.  

It's that easy.

But what is NOT easy is living the life you were meant to live.

Most people don't.  They settle.  They come up with all sorts of excuses why they can't step up and live the good life now.

We are going to help you break out of average and into extraordinary.

There is never a good time to do this.  Now is the only time we have.

If you are someone who is HUNGRY to take your life to the next level join Keys to the Good Life now.


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